One of the first things I do each morning is scan several online business publications and procurement reports. Boring, I know – I have to admit that sometimes my eyes glaze over as I see the same stories rebadged with a new headline and a slight twist on words. – Thomas Pollock, Gov Ready (formerly THINQ Learning)

Yesterday was different for Thomas.

For sure, your eyes will be widened, and your mouth will be beamed an uncontrollable smile as you read this story that you’re about to see. In fact, we had to read it a few times just to make sure we hadn’t misinterpreted the message!

Then, we thought about the implications for our SME sector and the local communities they support.

So, what is something to get excited about?

Federal contracts were awarded to SMEs

Great news! Commonwealth procurement stats had just been released and in the 2020/2021 financial year, 54% of federal contracts were awarded to SMEs. Or in dollars and cents, $18.7 billion.

This is an incredible increase on any previous year, and it reinforces the point that more SMEs need to be aware how all levels of Government are actively trying to support SMEs through supply contracts, tenders, BaU, panel arrangements and more.

Even better, this won’t change any time soon. SMEs that can prove their capability to win and fulfil Government contracts will be in hot demand for years to come.

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