This may be the most important reminder from us.

We have recently discussed with you your business structures and asset protection.

However, if you don’t put into place proper Estate Planning strategies at the SAME TIME as your asset protection strategies, you may end up with no protection at all if you are incapacitated or die.

This is to explain in more detail how we can help you and why you will be better off with our recommendations.

What are the benefits of Estate plan to your family’s wealth?

We want to help you to protect your family wealth and keep it in your family bloodline. Otherwise, it would be like being taxed at 100% of your assets – and we’re sure you don’t want this.

Also, if you are incapacitated (for example, in hospital in a coma after a motor vehicle accident), you need to ensure that now while you are healthy, competent and able that you safeguard your financial affairs by giving a spouse, relative or close associate your Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA). 

As a business owner or investor using a Company, it is vital that you have an EPOA and the appropriate Resolution prepared and signed so that a replacement Director can instantly be appointed to run your business or investments in the event of incapacity or death.

Through our partnership with specialist estate planning lawyers, we can coordinate the preparation of updated Wills, EPOA’s, SMSF Wills and Advance Health Directives to ensure you and your family are protected.

Importantly, the Wills and SMSF Wills that we build for you have the unique option of limiting any distribution to your bloodline family only.  This protects your hard-earned family wealth. 

We want to help you

As your adviser, we strongly recommend that together we undertake a fast and simple five-step process to implement your Will, EPOA and SMSF Will (if you have a SMSF):

  1. We’ll send you a Data Capture Form that will ask you questions to give us the information we need to have your key estate planning documents prepared.
  2. We’ll prepare a Letter of Advice for you, and then we’ll have a video meeting with you to discuss our Letter of Advice, including our price estimates for our estate planning work for you.
  3. We’ll liaise with lawyers to have drafted your Will, EPOA, SMSF Will (if required), Successor Director Resolutions (if required), and any other required documents or updates for your business and investment structure.
  4. We’ll have an online video meeting with you and review the Will, EPOA and other documents to ensure they are tax efficient and cover everything you have requested.
  5. Depending on your family circumstances, we may need to have a video meeting with lawyers to check the Will and EPOA and to witness the signing of your Will.

The expert lawyers will ensure that your current financial and health affairs, deceased estate and superannuation death benefits are protected from litigation, challenge and for bloodline only.

Next steps

Please simply email us at [email protected] and let us know that you would like us to prioritise getting your Estate Planning underway. We’ll immediately send you our Proposal for you to electronically sign and our contact us form for you to fill out and send back to us.

We’re sure the relief of getting these documents completed will take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and we look forward to helping you protect your family wealth and keep it in your bloodline.