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Meet Robert Moore

Invigor8 is anchored by Robert Moorehands-on business adviser who loves to partner with business owners who are motivated to succeed, are able to act on advice, passionate, looking for growth and want to enjoy the spoils of hard work. 

With more than 34 years of accounting experience, he has the knowledge and vision to view a business holistically. He has worn all the hats of small business, having started from scratch himself. He has a wide range of skills and passion about cloud technologies and how they can be implemented to improve business efficiency and profitability. 

You will benefit from his knowledge of what not to do, just as much as what to do. Throughout his entire career, the thing he is passionate about has stayed the same by helping ambitious people grow their businesses and make a tangible difference to achieve their life goals. He works to make your business “exit ready” no matter what stage in the business lifecycle you are and review every aspect of your business and provide strategic advice to improve profitability, reduce tax, provide succession planning and ongoing mentoring. 

A level of service beyond the ordinary

Of course, being able to deliver a level of service beyond the ordinary means we do things a little differently too…