Landlord Insurance

As a property owner, protecting your investment is crucial. Our comprehensive landlord insurance policies provide peace of mind and financial security in the event of unexpected events like damage to your property, loss of rental income, and more. Learn more about our policies and the benefits of choosing us for your landlord insurance needs.

What is Landlord Insurance?

It is a policy that covers you for risks such as loss of rental income, loss, theft, or damage to your building and belongings that you have leased to your tenants. You can get this for accidental or intentional damage to the structure of your property. 

Building Damages

Caused by the tenant, their family, or their guests.

Caused by the tenant’s domestic pet.

Caused by tenant’s use of cigarettes, and irons.

Contents Damages

Such as flood, storms, or earthquakes.

Like impact of motor vehicles, falling trees, debris from aircraft/satellites, etc.

Caused by a household electrical machine or appliance.

Caused by unknown individual/s.

Loss of Rental Income

The lease is terminated by the court or tribunal order or a termination notice is issued by you or a property manager for not paying rent.

Vacates with or without providing the required notice and those who vacate at the end of their lease leaving unpaid rent.

Tenant (being the only person for permanent tenancy) or tenant’s family (during their stay for holiday or let properties) dies.

The property is fit for occupation even after damage to the building or contents, but the tenant does not use it fully for a minimum of 7 days.

Your tenant is released of their leased obligation, over and above the amount they paid in bond, by the court because of hardshi.

Tenant refuses to pay and leave the property even if a court requires them to do so.

Tenant cannot access the insured address as the result of damage to another property nearby caused by an insured event like earthquake, tsunami, fire or explosion, flood, impact, lightning, storm, riot, or civil commotion.

Not fit for a tenant to occupy on a minimum period of 7 days due to damage by tenant to the building or its contents  damaged by insured event listed under the property contents section.

Landlord Policies

Landlord Preferred Policy

If you have a property manager and covers for permanent or periodic tenancies.

Landlord Self-Managed Policy

If you manage the property yourself.

Other Benefits of Landlord Insurance

Value for money, proactive, professional advice

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