In the last blog that we shared, we wrote about the first part of helping you grow your business by focusing on your current customer. In this article, we will provide tips on finding new customers within your current market.

Here are the tips on how to find new customers

1. Use direct marketing that gets results

Calculate the response rates to each area of your marketing campaign, whether it is email advertising, direct mail, or online click-throughs. Invest more of your marketing budget into what gets outcomes.

2. Find ways to generate word of mouth

Create a positive word of mouth referrals by getting testimonials from your clients, encouraging regulars to refer their friends or family to your business, speaking at events, and networking inside chambers or business associations. For example, if you own a travel agency that offers escorted tours to Pacific Islands, get feedback from your customers, and ask to use some of their quotes on your website.

3. Create exclusive offers

Make an introductory offer exclusive for new customers. Sacrifice your regular profits to acquire more loyal customers that will buy again on a regular basis. Consider what the Australian Government’s business website has to say about having new customers.

4. Increase your profile through online directories

List your business on the most popular online directories like Yelp to increase your online presence. As another option, use these resources to discover potential new customers (especially through industry directories).

5. Increase web traffic by improving your search engine optimisation (SEO)

Increase your website’s traffic leading to a growth in your customer base with the help of SEO. Make some time determining your site’s focus keywords and phrases to attract the appropriate traffic for your business.

6. Purchase search keywords to improve your online exposure

Think about paying for search engine marketing (SEM) so that when customers search for your business products your web address is more likely to show up than others. For example, if you’re a Lawyer catering to small businesses, you might find there’s a lot of competition so think about paying for an ad that appears on the first search page.

7. Use social media sites to display your business

Social media allows you to visually tell the story of your business and its offerings through images. When potential customers like your business’s key visuals, you might get an avalanche of views.

8. Create regular blogs

Keep your content unique and updated by writing regular blogs (informal content posted online in a chronological order) about your product or services, your team/clients, and successful case studies. Regularly posting blog contents is important in increasing your SEO and driving traffic to your website.

9. Run demonstrations or workshops to educate clients

Run demonstrations, workshops, or webinars to showcase your business to existing or new clients. For example, if you’re an instructor going it alone, create a series of online workshops to show potential clients the skills and benefits of learning through you.

10. Network by joining business associations

Networking with like-minded business individuals is important to managing the right business contacts in your industry. Discover new potential customers by attending industry events.

11. Create a targeted marketing plan

Highlight a specific marketing strategy that’s aimed at new customer segments. Then, create a precise advertising plan to build awareness and encourage purchases. For example, if you’re targeting truck drivers, create a billboard theme that plays on words and back that up with occasional radio advertisements.

Next Steps

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