Referral Reward Program

Complimentary Vacation Incentive Referral Program

Here at Invigor8, the greatest compliment we can receive is one of our clients referring a business in your network to us. Our business relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. We find our growth is directly related to our strong commitment to excellence and the relationships we build with our clients.

We want to share a rewards program to show our appreciation and we use Marketing Boost to provide you a delightful reward.

Aside from luxury travel accommodation to over 50+ destinations, we can also provide $100, $200, and $300. Hotel and travel gift cards that can be used at over 400,000 locations worldwide to reduce your travel bills. You will have the option to choose the hotel, room, and travel dates depending on the availability. Terms and conditions may apply, read more here.

How it works

Refer to us a potential Client

Refer a client to us by providing us their contact information. Find more details in our FAQs.

Verify successful referral

We will check and verify once your referral is a successful client referral.

Receive the reward via email

Once we've verified, we will send an email to you to activate your reward, link is valid until 7 days.

Activate and redeem rewards!

Redeem the travel destination within 18 months upon activating it and plan your trip ahead. Enjoy!

Refer a client to us and have your luxury vacation with your family at any of the available destination resorts worldwide!

To receive your travel reward,
enter your referrals below.