The Economy WILL Recover...Will Your Business?

Getting serious government cash depends on you handling this right …

Your business has dealt with hardships before, but coronavirus/COVID-19 is the unprecedented challenge of the century. Weathering this storm is going to take courage, savvy and all the help you can get. The government is stepping up with cash relief for businesses just like yours. But, before you rush out to apply, you must ensure you do things right to get every cent you deserve. 

Talk to accountants who are across every aspect of coronavirus and business … 


You have one chance to get this right... 

Invigor8 is an accounting firm that partners with businesses like yours to ensure you receive the help you need.

This is no time for mistakes. A lone error can mean the difference between your business being eligible for government assistance and being left high and dry. You don’t want that.


We know how it works … 

At Invigor8, we’ve read and worked through everything about how the government cash subsidies work.

  • We’ve dissected the eligibility criteria.
  • We’ve built bespoke calculation templates.
  • We’ve zeroed-in on the legislation that matters most to your business.

Why believe us?

With decades of industry experience, the Invigor8 team has helped hundreds of clients survive previous system shocks …

  1. We got people like you through the Recession We Had To Have.
  2. We got people like you through the GFC.
  3. We got people like you through the 2011 Brisbane floods.

We think progressively and we think with insight. We ensure the best possible outcome for both you and your business.

We’re tackling this new global challenge with all the dedication and attention to detail that’s made us so indispensable to our clients in the past.

And don’t worry about us. Invigor8 itself is going to sail right through this storm. We’re just saying there’s still space in our lifeboat for you.

"As I have become accustomed to…..Invigor8 was quick to contact me about the impacts of the Coronavirus on my business. Their insightful communications kept me updated and informed.


They assured me that taking proactive advice would provide peace of mind …..and it did. We prepared a detailed cashflow forecast, we analysed our staffing structure, we assess expense reductions and built a list of actions. We modelled our wages to calculate our cashflow benefits from the various government initiatives. I came out of this work with a clear perspective and felt empowered."

— Greg Eicke, Director.  Phone Systems Brisbane


It’s only going to be “bad” if you’re not ready … 

You’ve already got courage and savvy, so we’re here to bring the help.

Right now, the impact of COVID-19 on Aussie businesses is a monster under the bed: scary and unknown. We take away the fear and the mystery. We’ve made it our business to constantly track everything there is to know about COVID’19’s effect on Australian businesses and provide powerful strategic advice.

Because make no mistake, Australia will survive this epidemic. The curve is flattening. New legislation is being launched. Economic recovery plans are ready to trigger. And we’re across every single development.

We’re armed with knowledge, and we’re here to help ensure your business is one of the survivors.

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Our COVID-19 services in this area include (but not limited to):


These uncertain times have created different trading. We have software which allows us to model multiple various scenarios. This is vital to see what different levels of sales will have on the bottom-line.

Business Continuity Plan

We discuss the immediate issues in your business by using our specific checklist and then convert this into a “Business Continuity Plan”. This is a tailored plan to cope with the issues associated with the Covid-19 impacts on business.

Cashflow Forecasting

What do the next 6 months look like for you? We can prepare a 2 or 3-way cashflow forecast which will assist you in making critical decisions. If you are a business that has been forced to shut, how long will your funds last with this cash burn period? 

Government Funding

Preparation of applications for government funding options for unsecured loans up to $250,000

Finance Applications

Assistance with finance applications for traditional finance with banks. We work with finance brokers for these.

Break-even Analysis

What are the fixed costs you will incur while you are not trading.

Strategic Planning

With the lock down pending, it is a good time to consider some forward planning. Start planning now what you are going to do once the business trading starts up again

Structure Review

With uncertain times, it is important that you review the type of structure you have, who are the Officeholders, who are the Shareholders, Trustees, Appointors. 

Asset Protection

What asset protection has been established to protect your personal assets from devastation to your business?


Still space in our lifeboat for you… 

Get In Touch With Invigor8

As a boutique accounting firm, we’ll partner with you to help your business succeed. Right now, that means ensuring your business has all the tools to:

A. Survive the COVID-19 fallout, and

B. Receive every rightful cent of government assistance on offer.

Businesses like yours are the backbone of Australia. Together, we can help this great nation to emerge from this challenging time stronger than ever.

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